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Smooth connectivity for Nordic academics

Ever experienced annoying delays in sound and video during an online-conference? In a time where use of Zoom and other e-meeting tools has spiked due to COVID-19 lockdown, most will recognize this situation. However, users at universities in the Nordic countries have an advantage.

“The academic institutions in the Nordic countries are all connected to the network supported by NORDUnet and the NRENs (national research and education networks, ed.). So, when you are at your institution you will always have smooth connectivity. Further, you will be able to take that advantage home if you just download the eduVPN app,” says Lars Fischer, Strategy & Policy Officer at NORDUnet.

The eduVPN app – “edu” for “education” and VPN for Virtual Private Network – allows the users to logon to the NREN connection just like if they had been at their institution. The app is available to the academic users in Norway, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark.

Submitted by Morten Anderson

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