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eduVPN: Overcoming restricted networks

Are you familiar with eduVPN? I assume that you all are, but here’s a quick and simple explanation. eduVPN makes untrusted networks secure by setting up an encrypted connection via a VPN, enabling students, teachers and researchers to safely browse the internet even from unsecured connections offering secure access to their institution’s protected systems. Since the project was launched in 2015, the service is now deployed in over 37 countries worldwide.

When travelling for work we often find that public or hotel wi-fi systems tend to allow only website traffic, which would hinder using eduVPN, but a new software component created for eduVPN aims to overcome this limitation. Do you want to find out more? Read the very informative blog by Jeroen Wijenbergh, Backend & App Developer for the GÉANT security team. The blog explains why this improvement is needed now, the approaches considered by the developers and how it all works at a technical level.

Read the full story on the eduVPN official website


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