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New GÉANT events management system replaces EventR community calendar

A new community events calendar and management system went live on 8 September, replacing the long-lived EventR platform run by GÉANT.  A ‘manual’ for the new system and community training event video are available online to support any community member who wishes to use the new system for registration and management of their own events. A wiki is gathering community questions and feedback to help us to improve the system and/or our guidelines about how best to use it.

Around 60 people from 37 organisations on 5 continents attended an online workshop on 8 September to learn how to access and use the new event management system. Mandeep Saini (pictured) and Steffie Bosman of GÉANT took them through plans for the transition between the two systems and demonstrated how to use the new tool. The session was recorded and the training video is available via the GÉANT Learning And Development (GLAD) playlist in YouTube. A manual of the session slides is downloadable as a pdf. These materials and a table of community questions and answers are available on a GÉANT community wiki page – please contribute your inputs here.


From 8 September:

  • new events can only be added in the new system; it is no longer possible to create new events in EventR.

8 September to end 2020:

  • still possible to view all past and future events in EventR;
  • for any events happening before the end of 2020 and that were set up using EventR as the registration system, EventR continues to work as the registration tool;
  • you may need to consult both EventR and the new system to get a full overview and find all / specific created events;
  • GÉANT gradually transferring information about any events happening from January 2021 onwards from EventR into the new system.

At the end of 2020:

  • EventR goes offline;
  • the new system becomes the sole tool for community events management and registration.

If you wish to retrieve past events data from EventR, please do so before the end of the year.


The new events management system is powered by CERN’s open-source Indico tool and allows you as a user to register for events, manage your own events, and see a calendar overview of community events.

If you have any questions or need elevated access rights to create/manage events, please contact

Access EventR.

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