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EBRAINS Research Infrastructure Voucher Programme Call 2020

EBRAINS voucher programme

EBRAINS, the digital Research Infrastructure developed and powered by the Human Brain Project to address challenges in brain research and brain-inspired technology development, launched a Voucher Programme Call for researchers to secure HBP engineering solutions for their challenging research problems.

The Research Infrastructure Voucher Call is an openness measure to adjust and develop the EBRAINS Platform Research Infrastructure to meet the needs of the user community in a new, dynamic and interactive way. The Vouchers will fund the work of the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure developers to implement feature requests of the Voucher winners.

The Call is open to all non-HBP researchers, with separate target groups from academic, non-academic research (including hospitals), industry and pharma (SMEs and companies), and will remain open until 6 November 2020.

The full call is available on the HPB website, together with a guide for applicants:

About the Human Brain Project
The Human Brain Project is an ambitious 10-year scientific research and infrastructure initiative, part of the EU Future and Emerging Technology (FET) Flagship programme.
The HBP is developing an innovative ICT Research Infrastructure, now called EBRAINS that helps neuroscientists and clinical researchers integrate data and knowledge about the brain across all levels of its spatial and temporal organisation. Using detailed digital representations, reconstructions, and simulations, it aims to give tools to thousands of researchers to advance and accelerate our understanding of the functioning of the human brain and its diseases.

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