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Cathrin Stöver joins Human Brain Project Science and Infrastructure Advisory Board

Human Brain Project

We are delighted to announce that GÉANT’s Chief Communications Officer, and Co-chair of the EOSC Executive Board Cathrin Stöver has joined the Science and Infrastructure Advisory Board (SIAB) of the Human Brain Project (HBP).

SIAB is an independent body that advises the HBP on all issues of scientific, technical and clinical importance for the aim and objectives of the HBP. This includes the HBP’s strategy and planning activities, promoting the optimal use of the research platforms and infrastructure facilities, and issues related to cooperation with other research institutions and initiatives. As building a sustainable Research Infrastructure for Brain Research is at the center of the HBP, SIAB also advises on the development of the research infrastructure EBRAINS, user engagement and embedding HBP in the international neuroscience landscape.

Cathrin commented, “The Human Brain Project is one of the most prestigious projects in the European Union and with added value beyond Europe. Projects such as the HBP consistently drive us to improving our digital infrastructures and optimising our support to science and innovation. It is a great honour to serve this initiative for the infrastructure and data management community, as it is a concrete realisation of the EOSC project mission, to turn the research data from information to knowledge, to do better science. Open Science, data management, and FAIR in action, via good implementation will open a new era for research and research result dissemination. One of GÉANT’s organisational values is community. We collaborate with our partners around the world proving every day that science has no borders. I am very glad to be able to bring this mission and experience to the HBP community.”

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