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GÉANT endorses the European Commission’s Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research

The European Commission launched in July 2020 the Manifesto for EU Covid-19 Research, with the aim to maximise the accessibility of research results in the fight against COVID-19. GÉANT is glad to announce its endorsement to the Manifesto, as part of its continuing efforts to support the EU Coronavirus response.

The Manifesto provides guiding principles for beneficiaries of EU research grants for coronavirus prevention, testing, treatment and vaccination to ensure that their research results will be accessible for all and guarantee a return on public investment. This will aim to ensure that no one is left behind in the fight against Covid-19, and that solutions will be developed, produced and deployed to every single corner of the world.

Both individuals and institutions are encouraged to download and sign the Manifesto, view supporting organisations, and join the European fight against coronavirus.

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