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Infoshares: sharing knowledge for the benefit of the GÉANT community

At a time when sharing expertise is more important than ever, the GÉANT community organised new ways of getting together – even if only virtually. Launched in October 2020, the series of GÉANT community infoshares rapidly became a much anticipated weekly appointment for all the community.

These popular online events are part of the GÉANT Community Programme (GCP) and are coordinated by both the Partner Relations and Learning and Development teams. An important part of the GÉANT GN4-3 project, the aim of the infoshare series is to create a space to engage, improve knowledge sharing, foster discussion and strengthen the human network across the community.

Great! How do I join?

Sessions take place regularly each Wednesday afternoon, and occasionally also on other weekdays, covering a variety of strategic topics such as Services Development, Open Science, Quantum Key Distribution, Network Technology and Future Readiness, as well as general project updates.

Registration is open to everyone. See below for upcoming infoshares:

This list is kept updated on the GÉANT Wiki (requires authentication) or on the GLAD website.

Watch on-demand

Did you miss a session? Is Wednesday not the best day for you? You can always catch up, as all infoshares are recorded and made available within two days on GÉANT’s eAcademy, on the GLAD website and also via a dedicated playlist on the GEANTtv YouTube Channel.

The following infoshares are already available:

*For information how to organise these events, please contact

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