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30 years of history for Restena’s 20th anniversary

To mark its 20th anniversary, the Restena Foundation has produced an anniversary publication retracing the major stages of its development, but above all the evolution of two types of networks to which it is intimately linked: research and education networks and the Internet.

Established in 2000 at the initiative of research centres and higher education institutions, the Restena Foundation has its roots in the RESTENA project “Réseau Téléinformatique de l’Education Nationale et de la Recherche” launched in 1989 by the Ministry of Education to meet the communication needs of education and scientific research institutions in Luxembourg. Located in the CRP Henri Tudor (now the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology) for over ten years, the RESTENA project team grew under the leadership of early leaders of the project: Théo Duhautpas and Antoine Barthel.

Originally designed for the needs of national education and adding research early on, the RESTENA project not only set up the national network for research and education, it also acted as an internet pioneer in Luxembourg, supporting all Luxembourg economic players. The Restena Foundation, now headed by Gilles Massen, is heavily influenced by this history, even though throughout its twenty years it kept focused on its primary mission: to serve national education and research.

To find out more about the foundations and key stages in the development of the Restena Foundation, but also about the importance of the research and education networks established in Luxembourg and at European level and the emergence of the internet on the national soil, the publication “RESTENA: the story of an infrastructure” is available on request at

Submitted by Christine Glaser

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