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Infoshare: T&I Incubator & NREN engagement – 28 Jan 2021

Trust and Identity Incubator

28 January 2021, 13:00-14:30 CET

Trust and Identity, one of the key disciplines in our community, lays the foundation for international and cross-organizational collaboration. Imagine if there was a place where you could try out all the crazy ideas and innovative technologies without the pressure to establish a working service right away. There is – are you ready for innovation?

The Trust and Identity Incubator is a new line of work in the GN4-3 project, tasked with exploring innovative ideas and concepts in the area of T&I. The Incubator provides a space in which to identify potential new technologies and services, expand existing services and/or explore disruptive approaches. The work of the Incubator is largely based on ideas and suggestions from the GÉANT community. To be considered these ideas need to demonstrate a value for either enhancing existing services or exploring new service models and/or new potential services in line with emerged use-cases.

In this Infoshare, we present you:

  • An overview about the T&I Incubator
  • Examples of topics and use cases
  • The Trust & Identity Mentorship (TIM) programme
  • Ways to contribute and collaborate


Practical information:

  • The Infoshare will be recorded and made available through the GÉANT GLAD Website:
  • The link and the password to join the ZOOM room will be shared with the registered attendees before the event
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