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A Fellowship of Innovation: Nominations are Open for the 2022 Marconi Prize and 2021 Paul Baran Young Scholar Award

By Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google and Chairman of the Marconi Society

We have come once again to the time of year to invite nominations for the Marconi Prize and Young Scholar Award. This is your opportunity to help us recognize and celebrate the most notable contributions to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and those who made them.

It has become more clear than ever over the past year that these technologies surround and permeate our lives in varying degrees around the world. For some, connectivity is central to daily operation while for others, it remains a distant dream to gain access to this powerful amplifier of human capacity.

The Marconi Society’s commitment to advancing digital inclusion is evidenced by its programs, community, and vision for a more equitable digital future. This year, we have expanded the scope of the Marconi Prize and Young Scholar Award to specifically address the social and humanitarian impact of a candidate’s scientific contributions

The Marconi Fellows are a community of innovative, socially engaged technologists whose contributions have shaped our connected world and continue to impact daily life for billions of people. Nearly 40% of our global community does not have consistent access to the Internet. The breakthroughs in the design, theory, and practice of technology that will connect the remaining billions could be just around the corner.

Many of our Marconi Fellows, including Claude Berrou, Sir David Payne, and Gottfried Ungerboeck, have discovered or invented ways to increase the availability and affordability of these tools. Some have invented applications that were simply out of reach only a few decades or even a few years ago. Entirely new industries, businesses and business practices have arisen from these innovations.

As a Marconi Fellow, I am constantly learning from and collaborating with this community of thoughtful scientists. We are currently in the process of performing the first decadal survey of the ICT field to identify the challenges that, if solved, could seriously advance digital inclusion over the next ten years. Many of the Fellows are actively working through the Society to offer advice on technology and policy in the use of ICT. Becoming a Marconi Fellow offers opportunities to engage to help shape our connected future. 

Guglielmo Marconi left a monumental legacy. With the Young Scholar Award, we celebrate up to four emerging scientists who emulate Marconi’s capacity for creative thinking, leadership, and innovation, and who demonstrate a dedication to the social impact of their work. The Young Scholars represent a global cohort of technologists who are shaping the future of ICT. 

We are proud to celebrate the luminaries who lead the way to new ICT capabilities and build bridges to a more inclusive world. But we need your help to identify those who deserve this recognition. Please spread the word and consider nominating deserving candidates for the Marconi Prize and Young Scholar Award so we can honor them.

Are you interested in submitting a candidate for the 2022 Marconi Prize? Join this informational webinar on 23 March 2021 about the nomination process:
What You Need to Know About Nominating a Marconi Fellow – Morning Webinar | Afternoon Webinar

Visit the website of the Marconi Society to learn more:


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