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Suppliers of professional services invited to register with GÉANT’s Dynamic Purchasing System

GÉANT’s new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is now available to potential suppliers of professional services to register and submit bids, greatly benefiting suppliers and the procurement function and leading to more efficient and effective procurement.

As GÉANT regularly requires professional services support for projects and temporary assignments, suppliers wishing to participate in tendering for the services listed below are invited to register and apply for access to the DPS. Tenders will then be available via GÉANT’s eProcurement Portal to those organisations to whom access has been granted.

  • ICT & network operations.
  • Project and product management.
  • Software development.
  • General (interim) management.
  • Human resources.
  • Training and education.
  • Finance, administration, VAT, and accounting.
  • Legal, policy and strategy development.
  • Facilities, engineering, safety and environment, and procurement.
  • Website/intranet design and build.
  • Event management and marketing communications.

Click for registration and access application and step-by-step guidance.

For further general information on the DPS please contact

For help on any issues with registration or submissions, please contact the portal helpdesk at

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