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CLAW2021 – save the date!

Courtesy of Unsplash

CLAW2020, the latest Crisis Management workshop for the GÉANT community took place online on 1 December 2020, few months on we believe that it’s still pertinent to celebrate the success of one of the most popular events in the GÉANT calendar.

The online format enabled participation from different continents, and with a total of 93 registered attendees, 76 participants from 40 organisations joined the workshop for the whole day, which is an impressive turnout for this type of full-day digital gathering.

To gauge the success of the event and look at ways to improve its future editions, the organisers shared a survey whose results can be summarised as follows:

  • CLAW overall score was 4.8 out of 5.
  • 91% would recommend CLAW to a colleague.
  • The interactive crisis exercise was voted the most valuable part of the event.
  • All of the three training sessions were rated very highly including the opening keynote by Anna Wilson from HEAnet, Ireland.

The online format and scalability of the event, paired with the success achieved by CLAW in the last four years, inspired the organisers to package the exercise and make it available to the NREN community. 14 NRENs have expressed their interest in the materials and documentation with a view to organising the exercise locally. If you are interested in the crisis management exercise, please contact Charlie van Genuchten at SURF.

Plans for CLAW 2021 are already underway, so please save the date 7 December 2021 and mark it in your calendar.

Watch this space for future announcements and for any additional information, please get in touch with Charlie van Genuchten.



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