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Sponsor Webinar: Building a Future-proof Optical Highway with 400G ZR+ Thursday, May 20th | 11am EDT

The primary mission of optical networks is transporting 100GbE traffic, and soon, 400GbE traffic. Some popular solutions have a less-publicized aspect that can lead to abandoned spectrum. The webinar shows how to avoid that. It explains how to build a future-proof optical network on an organized spectral plan that accomplishes two goals simultaneously: optimizing for performance for dense traffic and long distances and optimizing for power and cost everywhere else.

Join Jonathan Homa, Ribbon’s Senior Director of Solutions Marketing and Scott T. Wilkinson, PhD – Cignal AI’s Lead Analyst on Thursday, May 20th at 11am EDT to learn more!

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Importance of being 400GbE ready.
  • How new 400G ZR+ changes the economic equation.
  • Optimizing transport for performance versus optimizing for power and cost.
  • Tradeoffs between line rates and channel widths (what they don’t tell you).
  • How to have your cake (best transport solution today) and eat it too (on a future-proof network).
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A.

Who Should Attend
Communications and Internet Service Providers including fixed, mobile, and cable operators who are expanding their optical networks to handle ever-increasing traffic loads.

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