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SimpleSAMLphp Joins The Commons Conservancy

SimpleSAMLphp is the most recent open-source software project to join The Commons Conservancy.  The new programme at the conservancy has been established to facilitate an open, transparent and efficient governance process to support the future development of both the technology and supporting infrastructure for SimpleSAMLphp.

SimpleSAMLphp is an open source lightweight implementation of several identity federation protocols written in PHP, and allows users to be authenticated through standards like SAML2 and OpenID Connect. SSP is a cornerstone in the authentication and authorisation infrastructures of many National Research and Education Networks, but also in healthcare and government. The project has previously been led and supported by Uninett. The move to the conservancy recognises the critical role of the software and seeks to ensure a long-term and sustainable future.

The new Board of Directors of SimpleSAMLphp brings together a range of individuals with an interest in the use and development of the project, including previous developers, users and commercial parties.  Jan Meijer, the newly appointed chair of the Board of Directors, said “I feel privileged to be working with this team of very capable people who have been willing to step up to the challenge and provide community governance for SimpleSAMLphp. With Dedra Chamberlin, Jaime Perez, Marina Adomeit and Niels van Dijk a good breadth of community interests and “can do” mentality are represented in the board which will be pivotal for transitioning SimpleSAMLphp from a single organisation custodian to stable long term community custodianship.”

SimpleSAMLphp joins a range of open-source and collaborative projects that have found a home at The Commons Conservancy.  The conservancy seeks to simplify legal, financial and regulatory issues for projects so they can focus on fulfilling their users’ requirements. Nicole Harris, member of the  Board of Directors of The Commons Conservancy, worked closely with the SimpleSAMLphp team in planning the move.  She notes that “SimpleSAMLphp is already a very mature project with keen supporters and a wide user base.  We hope that the move to the Conservancy will build on this fantastic platform and give the SimpleSAML team more opportunities to grow.”

For users of SimpleSAMLphp, there is no immediate change.  You can still find the project at the same website and via the same user mailing lists.  Now the formal process of joining The Commons Conservancy is complete, the new Board of Directors will be working closely with the community on their needs over the upcoming months and years.

To contact the SimpleSAMLphp team find us on slack SimpleSAMLphp or drop us an email at

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