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Sponsor Article: Passlogy join TNC for the first time in 2021

Passlogy are really looking forward to TNC21 and are very happy to have the opportunity to present PassLogic to the Global NREN community.

PassLogic is a pattern-based authentication platform that reduces costs by creating efficiencies. PassLogic has a proven track-record as a secure authentication solution and is used by major corporations and government agencies in Japan. In the education sector, PassLogic has been adopted by leading Japanese universities, governmental education boards and world-renowned research facilities. Every day, over one million people use PassLogic to access their computer systems both remotely and locally. PassLogic is an easy-to-use solution that is both lightweight and highly scalable; PassLogic utilizes only standard Web technologies.

PassLogic’s Pattern-Based Authentication Method

 A user creates a pattern by selecting a sequence of cells from a grid.The user can select any sequence of cells from the grid for the pattern – the same cell can be selected multiple times.

Each time the user goes to log in, the grid will be filled with a new table of random numbers and will be displayed above the password entry field.     

The user’s password is the sequence of numbers in the random number table that corresponds to their secret pattern. Since the random number table is refreshed every time the user goes to log in, the password will be new for each login.

The password can be strengthened by prepending or appending a static set of characters to it.     

A simple demonstration of the PassLogic Authentication Method can be found at the following URL:

PassLogic enables organisations to:

Simple, Secure Single Sign-On

After a successful login, linked services and systems can be accessed without any additional authentication. Password management is simplified and operational efficiency is improved. PassLogic integrates with a wide range of services, such as VPN services, VDI environments and Web applications on-premises and in the cloud. A Single Sign-On environment can be easily created with PassLogic.

A Well-Established Track Record

The security and effectiveness of PassLogic has been evaluated comprehensively. Passlogy has a strong, well-established track record as a software manufacturer that provides a high level of support to its clients and partners. PassLogic has been adopted by 16 Cloud Service Providers.If you would like to learn more about Passlogy or register for the PassLogic Demo, please visit

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