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Get Involved: Future Activities for T&I Incubator 13/07/21 16:00 CEST

Trust and Identity Incubator

The T&I Incubator  Needs You!

The T&I Incubator is the ideal opportunity for experts around the community to get together and help shape the future T&I landscape.

This session is to collect input for, and discuss future activities of the Trust & Identity Incubator. The T&I Incubator, which is part of the GEANT project, uses an agile approach to work on various topics in the T&I space. As such it engages with new topics every six months. This meeting is an open session which welcomes all T&I specialists in the R&E community. The session starts with an overview of the T&I Incubator results achieved so far and will then switch to a breakout session format to discuss topics of the next Incubator cycle.

If you have an ideal for future activities or want to get involved in any way then the T&I Incubator needs you.

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