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Erasmus+ goes digital with eduGAIN

For many years, the European Erasmus+ programme has promoted education, teaching, youth and sport and provided opportunities for educational mobility and cooperation within the European Union and beyond. Today, by building on the advantages of the Federation and eduGAIN, Erasmus+ offers new opportunities to promote the mobility of students and young graduates.

The Erasmus+ application uses authentication via eduGAIN

The culmination of this digitalisation of the Erasmus+ programme is undoubtedly the Erasmus+ mobile application. It was created to provide a digital management centre for the various administrative steps involved in an Erasmus student’s mobility period.

By authenticating via eduGAIN, students can sign their learning contract online, for example. They can also access language support via the OLS (Online Linguistic Support) platform. Lastly, they can take advantage of good maps and useful information to ensure they have an excellent experience abroad.

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