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The Special Interest Group on Next Generation Networks is up and running again!

We are pleased to announce that the Special Interest Group on Next Generation Networks (SIG-NGN) is resuming its work to provide a forum for discussion of next generation networking technologies. The Group facilitates an open forum where experts from the R&E community, vendors and other interested parties come together to exchange information, knowledge, ideas and best practices about specific technical or other areas of business relevant to the advancement of the R&E networking community.

The SIG-NGN also works on promoting and coordinating the development and testing of innovative networking technologies as well as defining developing, and testing new networking services, which can subsequently be introduced by research and education networks or the European backbone infrastructure.

The first meeting will be hosted virtually on Monday 13th December at 15:00 UTC/16:00 CET. The event is entitled “Beyond 100G” and will include presentations from NRENs that have deployed transmission technologies faster than 100G, from vendors on the variety of pluggable transceivers available for 400G, and from the research community on where faster transmission technologies are evolving. More information and registration link can be found here.

For more information about SIG-NGN and their activities, as well as about the wider GÉANT Community Programme, visit the dedicated webpage.

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