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Epilepsy and ADHD brain research in Georgia

Uncontrollable muscle spasms or other symptoms caused by a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain – epilepsy impacts around 50 million people worldwide. Another brain condition, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), affects impulsivity, attention span and levels of physical activity in around 2% of children and adolescents. Studying these brain disorders is the work of Georgian scientist Irma Khachidze of Beritashvili Centre of Experimental Biomedicine and Caucasus University, Tbilisi. Supported by the Georgian Research and Educational Networking Association GRENA within the EU-funded EaPConnect project and its ‘Enlighten Your Research’ programme, she has been preparing the ground for novel computational methods to study such brain disorders in Georgia. See the full In The Field Stories article.

Submitted by Tamara Gvenetadze

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