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GÉANT Learning and Development: developing the community’s specialist skills

Learning is a great way to accelerate performance, increase motivation and build a career.  The GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD) team’s mission is to develop the specialist skills and experiences within the GÉANT Community. These are pivotal to the GN4-3 project’s continuing success.

GLAD’s learning resources enable participants to build specialist knowledge, advance their career by acquiring managerial and leadership skills, and push the boundaries in their field of expertise.

GLAD offers a variety of learning resources, including:

GLAD provides services for three core groups:


GN4-3 Project Participants can access these learning resources:

Learning Opportunities for GN4-3 Project Participants - GLAD

And there are several learning opportunities available to the wider GÉANT Community, including NRENs, researchers and Higher Education users.

GLAD is committed to developing the next generation of talent through its Future Talent and Trust & Identity Mentoring programmes. These programmes work with students around Europe, building their skills through training, offering them opportunities to collaborate with leaders in their field and present their findings at GÉANT’s flagship annual TNC conference.

Curious to know what GLAD could offer you? Go explore and happy learning!

GLAD Website:



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