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Chief Network Operations Officer Bram Peeters recounts his “Route to Networking” in Hamilton Barnes podcast

The Route to Networking podcast - By Hamilton Barnes

What does the journey to a rewarding career in network engineering look like? GÉANT’s Chief Network Operations Officer Bram Peeters recently talked about his own personal and professional path in Episode 32 of “The Route to Networking” podcast by Hamilton Barnes, a recruitment consultancy specialising in the Network Engineering space.

Over the course of an hour, Bram discussed with Hamilton Barnes Associate Director James Dean about his role at GÉANT and the refresh of the GÉANT network through the ambitious GN4-3N project; what led him into network engineering; his perspective on technology and innovation; and his interests and passions – including coffee and electronic music production.

Additionally, he talks through his career from the first steps, to the more than ten years spent at SURF (at the time SURFnet) and his role at Nokia, until finally joining GÉANT in 2018. When asked about suggestions to students and young professionals just starting in network engineering, Bram highlighted the need to be continuously interested, to keep learning and trying new things and to be open to change.

Listen to the full episode here:

About the podcast

Produced by Hamilton Barnes, the Route to Networking Podcast, offers listeners the opportunity to learn from some of the biggest names in the Networking space, including industry specialists from organisations such as Cisco, Redhat, ADVA and more. The podcast delves into understanding anything from new and emerging technologies on the rise, to career advice to those in the Networking Industry. New episodes are released every Tuesday and Thursday.

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