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Sponsor Content: Orange Cyberdefense 2022. Webinar 2nd February 9:30 CET

In December 2021 Orange released the latest Security Navigator, containing Research-driven insights to build a safer digital society, designed to provide the ‘big picture’ of cybersecurity. It contains:

  • 100% first-hand information from the 18 global SOCs & 14 CyberSOCs of Orange Cyberdefense, the CERT, Epidemiology Labs & World Watch
  • Invaluable insights into the threat landscape
  • Expert reports and technology reviews on topics like Ransomware, Cyber Extortion and cybercrime
  • Attack patterns and statistics for your business size and industry
  •  Insights about the most disrupting events in 2021 were and how that projects into the future
Download the Report Here

Orange are hosting a webcast with our Head of Security Research, Charl van der Walt and other inhouse experts at Orange Cyberdefense to clarify and dive into some of the most exciting stories and astonishing data the research teams have analyzed and reported in this 90-page document.

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