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#WomenInStem – on the power of women’s networks

The GÉANT 2022 Women in STEM campaign continues with a new episode on the topic of women’s networks.

What is a women’s network? A group of like-minded women coming together to exchange resources, knowledge, and connections to peers with similar challenges. It is a platform with a crucial role in helping young girls and women shape their careers in STEM.

We were interested in hearing first-hand examples of why these networks are so powerful and how they have supported women in our community, so we asked four international members – this time, women only! – with very different professional and personal backgrounds. We spoke to women in the fields of software development, security and data protection, from Portugal to India, through Moldova and Malawi.

Interested to hear more about it? Click play and enjoy!

More on the 2022 Women in STEM Campaign on the dedicated webpage. Episode 5 with some advice for future generations will be released next week on March 29th.


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