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Access to Student Mobility services via MyAcademicID hits 100,000 users

Access to Student Mobility services via MyAcademicID hits 100,000 users

Today marks an important milestone for the European Digital Student Service Infrastructure (EDSSI) project: the number of students using MyAcademicID to access Erasmus+ e-services and tools reached 100,000.

Since 2021, MyAcademicID makes it possible for higher education students participating in the Erasmus+ programme to authenticate and access their Online Learning Agreement (OLA) and the Erasmus+ App in a safe and secure way. This identity and access management solution plays a fundamental role in the digitalisation of the administrative processes related to student mobility programmes.

Since the project that developed MyAcademicID ended, the EDSSI project has been supporting the maintenance and continuous improvement of the MyAcademicID service, and its application to the newest tools for Erasmus+ student mobility administration.

The MyAcademicID service has been pivotal in the rollout and support of the European Student Identifier (ESI), particularly via the implementation of the so called “IdP of last resort” functionality. A solution aimed at assisting students in 20 EU countries coming from 400 Higher Education institutions that did not support federated authentication through the national academic federations.

The EDSSI project is now actively working on the business processes as well as on the integration and technical requirements to support authentication and secure access  of university staff members to the Erasmus+ tools through MyAcademicID.

The authentication method based on MyAcademicID is a crucial innovation that will be applied to all Erasmus+ mobility management tools to connect, harmonise and simplify administrative processes,  making Erasmus truly a seamless experience for students and higher education institutions staff all over Europe. This will not only advance  the Erasmus+ programme but will also enhance the management of what is considered as one of the flagship programmes of the European Union, which for the past 35 years has contributed remarkably to a peaceful Europe.

“The last 15 months have been phenomenal for the MyAcademicID Service and the GÉANT community. Thanks to the strong collaboration between GÉANT, the NRENs and the Federation Operators, the GÉANT community has delivered a reliable and scalable solution for the EDSSI project to support the cross-border identification of students participating in the Erasmus mobility programmes.” 

Christos Kanellopoulos, Senior Trust and Identity Manager, GÉANT


EDSSI stands for European Digital Student Service Infrastructure. The infrastructure – currently under development – will allow European higher education institutions and student service providers to exchange Erasmus+ student data in a reliable way and enable secure access to student mobility electronic services and tools.

MyAcademicID was funded by the Connecting Europe Facility programme in 2019-2020 in the context of the European Student Card initiative and delivered on the core promise to enable students to authenticate for their studies abroad using their home student account thanks to eduGAIN, connect their academic identities thanks to the bridge with eIDAS national nodes and enable the once-only principle by introducing the European Student Identifier.

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