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Sponsor Article: Open XR Forum expands Membership with Global Tier 1 and Wireless Infrastructure Providers

Open XR Forum announced in February 2022 that AT&T, Colt, Crown Castle, Telefónica, and Zayo have joined the industry initiative and MSA effort to advance the deployment of software-configurable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint coherent optical networks utilizing XR optics pluggable transceiver technology.

The Open XR Forum is the multi-source agreement (MSA) working group for XR optics, the industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent pluggable transceiver technology. The Open XR Forum’s mission is to foster collaboration that will advance development of XR optics-enabled products and services, accelerate adoption of intelligent coherent point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network architectures, and drive standardization of networking interfaces to ensure ease of multi-vendor interoperability and an open, multi-source solution ecosystem.

XR optics forum members now include Verizon, AT&T, BT, Telefonica, Liberty Global, Lumen, Windstream, Colt, Zayo, Crown Castle, Juniper Networks, Sumitomo Electric, Arrcus and Infinera.
Service provider members now collectively represents over 20% of the global telecom CapEx spend.

XR optics is a revolutionary technology purpose-built to break the inherent limitations of traditional point-to-point optical transmission solutions. XR optics paves the way for disruptive network economics as 5G, fiber deep, and hyperscale cloud connectivity impose new challenges on operators.

In addition to efficiently supporting point-to-point applications, XR optics provides the industry’s first scalable solution optimized for point-to-multipoint traffic flows. Built upon innovation in Nyquist subcarriers, XR optics enables a single transceiver to generate numerous lower-speed subcarriers that can be independently steered to different destinations.

XR optics technology recently was awarded with the Green Future Best Practice Award 2022 from Deutsche Telekom.

Submitted by Christian Uremovic, Infinera

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