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Sponsor Article: Juniper Networks PTX10001 as a Peering / Edge Router

Juniper Networks PTX Series routers were originally introduced for the role of Core routers in IP/MPLS networks dedicated to being MPLS-P nodes in e.g., BGP free networks. The new generation of the PTX Series now includes devices that can be appealing for different use cases and utilization in smaller networks as well.

Inspired by real world use cases from our customers, Xantaro has tested the new PTX10001-36MR – a compact 1 RU router with up to 10.8Tbit/s forwarding capacity – in its XT³Lab.

In this article you will learn how PTX10001-36MR mastered the challenges of a modern Peering Edge!

Submitted by Tobias Heister, Xantaro

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