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Pandemic has changed the role of teachers

The move to e-learning triggered by COVID-19 lockdowns has had both positive and negative implications for tertiary education teachers in the United Kingdom. Survey data from national research and education network Jisc show that online teaching has enriched the educational landscape. However, a majority among the respondents note that the rapid transition has had a downside by adding significant new stress to their workload.

“These insights allow both Jisc and the tertiary education sector the opportunity to reflect and learn lessons from the past 18 months about what worked, and what needs rethinking to deliver a world-class, technology-enhanced educational experience,” says Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Jisc CEO.

“With the enforced move to online learning, staff had to rapidly rethink how they delivered teaching. Though staff rose to the challenge, many found it difficult, especially in an environment demanding more and new digital skills,” she continues.

Submitted by Jane Gifford

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