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DFN Framework Agreement for Education

Earlier this year, a framework agreement was initiated between the “German Research Network” (DFN), and Deutsche Telekom (DT), enabling all eligible universities, colleges, universities of applied sciences and research institutes to purchase Zoom licences.

Deutsche Telekom offers very good conditions for Zoom Education Plan options 1, 2 and 3 for our joint customers (you can find these in the Zoom PQ). (Researchers can only purchase option 1). As this was an EU-wide tender, the above-mentioned end customers no longer need to put the purchase of Zoom licences out to tender. This is a great added value for the end customers, as the licences obtained under a Corona special permission without tendering could simply be continued via Deutsche Telekom.

Another advantage is the option to use “Zoom X powered by Deutsche Telekom” starting in late summer 2022. The solution promises an even higher level of data protection and will support end customers, such as universities, in meeting the requirements of their state data protection authorities. This way, Zoom X will enable customers to use Zoom following their financial and data protection requirements. Customers pay the same costs for using Zoom X as they do for using native Zoom.

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