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Infoshare: Maturity Model for Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation – 21 October 2022

GÉANT infoshare - OAV maturity

21 October 2022, 12:00-14:00 CEST

Maturity models evaluate how well a company or system is able to improve itself from a given state and explore its capacity for continuous improvement in a specific discipline. The GÉANT Project has worked in the creation of a Maturity Model to assess the Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV) maturity level of research and education institutions in four dimensions: Architecture & Technology, Processes & Services, Vision & Strategy, and People & Organisation. Join the infoshare on 21 October at 12:00 CEST, to have a first glance at the maturity model, assess your organisation’s maturity level and share your thoughts.

Attendees will be encouraged to complete a comprehensive survey following the Infoshare – to self-asses in detail their organisation’s maturity level.


  • Welcome – Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo (CSUC)
  • Introduction to the OAV (Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation) Maturity Model – Sonja Filiposka (UKIM)
  • OAV Maturity Model Deep Dive – Estela Carmona (i2CAT)Kostas StamosRoman Łapacz (PSNC)Susanne Naegele-Jackson (RRZE/FAU)
  • Survey and wiki – Eldis Mujaric (CARNET)
  • Open Discusssion – Eldis Mujaric (CARNET)Estela Carmona (i2CAT)Iacovos Ioannou (CYNET)Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo (CSUC)Roman Łapacz (PSNC)Sonja Filiposka (UKIM)Susanne Naegele-Jackson (RRZE/FAU)
  • Wrap-up & Conclusions – Maria Isabel Gandia Carriedo (CSUC)

Practical information

  • The Infoshare will be recorded and made available through the GÉANT Community Website:
  • The link and the password to join the ZOOM room will be shared with the registered attendees before the event
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