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New learning unit in the Network Automation e-Academy: Big Data Storage

Network Automation eAcademy - Big Data Storage

The idea of Big Data has permeated every aspect of our lives today. To be able to efficiently analyse the data and extract value from it, it is imperative that an optimised Big Data storage architecture is in place so that one can collect and manage vast quantities of data that are ingested and prepared for processing by advanced analytics tools.

The new Big Data Storage course on the Network Automation eAcademy introduces the concept of Big Data and the storage requirements and architecture setup necessary for its efficient analysis aiming to extract the maximum value from the gathered data. The course addresses the challenges of storing Big Data, but it also discusses the main data types as well as the concepts of data management and data governance.

A head-to-head comparison of the two major approaches to Big Data storage – Data Warehouses versus Data Lakes – is provided, and the concept of Data Lakes and their implementation and examples are further explored. As large quantities of data are being generated in our organisations every day, we hope that this course will help you prepare to make the most out of it.

Follow the unit here (login required):

Course duration: 1.5 hours

Trainer: Sonja Filiposka, UKIM / MARnet

You can find updated information about the training in the OAV Training Portal.

And in the GÉANT eAcademy (supported by GLAD, the GÉANT Learning and Development team):

Additionally, you have an open window to talk with the trainers and experts in the Network Automation eAcademy on the first Tuesday of every month, with one hour for questions & answers and also for feedback and training requests. Send an email to to receive the link to join the room.

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