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New learning unit in the Network Automation e-Academy: “Towards Intelligent Networks”

Network Automation Towards Intelligent Networks

The Network Automation eAcademy has a new learning unit available: “Towards Intelligent Networks”.

This new unit extends our Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation segments on TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) one step further with concrete examples and guidelines on how to make your network smarter. Transformation examples are provided for a number of operational areas ranging from troubleshooting and analytics to data modelling and APIs, from automation and virtualisation to security, reporting, training and much more. Additionally, the unit explains traditional challenges and measures that can be taken not only to tackle these challenges, but also to move network service processing farther towards intelligent OAV networks.

Follow the unit here (login required):

Course duration: 30 minutes

Trainer: Susanne Naegele-Jackson (FAU/DFN)

You can find updated information about the training in the OAV Training Portal. And remember that you have an open window to the trainers and experts in the Network Automation eAcademy, with one hour for questions & answers and also for feedback and training requests on the first Tuesday of every month. Just drop an email to the Network Automation team at or to receive the link to join the room.

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