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New learning unit in the Network Automation e-Academy: Introduction to Orchestration

Network Automation eAcademy - Introduction to Orchestration

Orchestration can be defined as the arrangement, sequencing and automated implementation of tasks, rules and policies to coordinate logical and physical resources in order to meet a customer or on-demand request to create, modify or remove network or service resources. Although automation lies in the core of orchestration, the former deals with tasks, whereas orchestration deals with workflows. Orchestration is a way to improve the CI/CD delivery of IT solutions.

The recently published learning unit “Introduction to Orchestration” in the Network Automation eAcademy gives an overview about orchestration, linking it with virtualisation and automation, and giving examples of popular orchestration solutions.

You can follow the unit here (login required):

Course duration: 30 minutes

Trainer: Eduardo Jacob – RedIRIS / University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

With this unit, the Introductory track in the OAV training is complete.

You can find updated information about the training in the OAV Training Portal. And remember that you have an open window to the trainers and experts in the Network Automation eAcademy, with one hour for questions & answers and also for feedback and training requests on the first Tuesday of every month. Just drop an email to the Network Automation team at or to receive the link to join the room.

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