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SESAME Jordan: Enhancing cultural heritage conservation toward human and economic development

Pictures of projects conducted at SESAME.

“If I were to start again, I would start with culture” – Jean Monnet

As an ancient civilization with over 18 countries and territories, the Middle East region has historical and cultural richness unparalleled in the world. However, the region’s political instability and dramatic economic changes continue to pose challenges to the conservation of heritage resources.

Why cultural heritage conservation?

Conserving cultural heritage in the Middle East region may seem less of a priority compared to more pressing issues faced by the region such as education, poverty alleviation, and job creation. But, in the long term, effective conservation of heritage resources not only contributes towards preserving and safeguarding the region’s heritage assets, but also revitalizes local economies, thus contributing directly to creating jobs, alleviating poverty and sustaining sustainable development.

Read the full article on the AfricaConnect3 website and the interview with Dr. Gihan Kamel, Principal Scientist at SESAME to learn more about the Center’s work.

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