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Bringing African NRENs’ contributions to UN SDGs to the surface

This article was originally posted on the AfricaConnect3 website.

African NRENs are contributing to the United National Sustainable Development Goals both directly and indirectly, playing a critical role in the achievement of the global sustainable agenda and, in other words, making our planet a better place for all.

As UN SDGs have become important parameters for decision and policy makers to measure the success of any organisation, the AfricaConnect3 communications team, in collaboration with the wider African research and education community, has embarked in a community-focused initiative to gather concrete examples of how African NRENs have been contributing to the Global Goals.

This initiative was introduced during an online webinar, followed by a face-to-face workshop where several key inputs and new perspectives on the topic where collected.

The AfricaConnect3 communications team has just announced the publication of the first outcome of this activity, now available for download! A comprehensive document gathering hundreds of examples to evidence the African NRENs’ critical participation to the global sustainable agenda.

You can easily scroll through the seventeen SDGs, search for your country and/or NREN, or be inspired by what other countries and institutions are doing!

You can download the document here

Please note that if you would like an editable version of the document, you can get in touch with the project’s communications team!

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