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Service Marketing Workshop for EaPConnect partners

Melanie Deziel for Unsplash
Photo: Melanie Deziel for Unsplash

On 19th January EaPConnect partners and members of the South East Europe region from the international R&E community took part in the online service marketing workshop hosted by GÉANT.

Karl Meyer, Product Marketing Manager for GÉANT kicked off the event with an introduction of Service and Product Marketing defining it as a specialist field that requires an understanding of technologies and services as well as of marketing concepts.

To highlight the niche aspect of this field, Karl quoted an official statistics shared at The Product Marketing Association Conference in December 2022: ‘In 2022 only 6000 product marketers were working in the UK.’

Karl explained that product marketing requires a different skills set, it’s more like a bridge between technologies and services and end-users. It plays a translation role as product marketing specialists need to understand the technology, they need to be able to speak the same language as product developers and users at the same time in order to be able to explain concepts that end-users understand. In addition, product marketers need to be able to take marketing aspects into the stages of product development to ensure that the final product or service is what users really need.

Read the full story on the EU-funded EaPConnect project’s website.

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