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#WomenInStem campaign – Dr. Julianne Sansa Otim, Makerere University

Senior Lecturer in Computer Networks at Makerere University School of Computing and Informatics Technology., Dr. Julianne Sansa Otim was appointed in 2019 Vice Chairperson of the UbuntuNet Alliance, the regional research and education network for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Her research experience and interests range from the design of internet protocols and the analysis of telecommunications policy to the evaluation of communication networks. A resourceful and committed researcher, Julianne also leads the WIMEA-ICT lab where low-cost automatic weather stations research, forecast modeling and software development for weather services are conducted. In this capacity, she works in a multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary environment and her research has won several grants from a number of development agencies.

She is also on the board of RENU, the Research and Education Network of Uganda. RENU has been making incredible steps towards the United National Sustainable Development Goal 5 on gender equality.

In this interview, she tells us more about her experience as a woman in STEM in academia, and professional achievements and, in particular, her research work that funded the activities at the Internet of Things lab at Makerere university.

All material related to the GÉANT 2023 #WomeninSTEM campaign can be found on the dedicated webpage.


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