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Library as a herald of Open Science

Oleksandra Rodyhina
Oleksandra Rodyhina

Words: Tetiana Preobrazhenska, URAN Association

A conversation with Oleksandra Rodyhina, Scientific and Technical Library, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine.

“It is interesting and inspiring to find yourself among professionals who are sincerely passionate about their work. This is exactly what happened to me at the recent event in Tbilisi” Oleksandra Rodyhina from Ukraine comments.

Oleksandra was one of the invited speakers at the “Libraries as enablers of scientific research” two-day workshop, organised under the auspices of the EaPConnect Project, that gathered speakers and participants from 11 countries in sunny and welcoming Tbilisi at the National Science Library of Georgia earlier on this year.

The role of libraries

Oleksandra, who works in the Scientific and Technical Library of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, believes that libraries play an essential role in the context and support of scientific research and Open Science.

“In every aspect of scientific research, there is a place for libraries. Our library has a Department of Education and Research Support. And our librarians do a great job advising Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’s researchers and providing different services. Last year, the department created a new direction focussing on Open Science.” Oleksandra explains.

This is exactly the focus of Oleksandra’s presentation at the Tbilisi event – using the example of her library she spoke about the development and implementation of an Open Science policy in a university.

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