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Empowering Academic Security: Introducing GÉANT’s Cybersecurity News for Academia!

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CyberSecurity Newsletter for Academia

GÉANT proudly unveils its latest initiative – the Cybersecurity News for Academia, a monthly newsletter dedicated to providing tailored cyber threat intelligence for universities and research organisations worldwide. Navigating the unique challenges faced by academia, this newsletter aims to keep security practitioners in Research and Education (R&E) informed about the latest developments in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

Key Highlights

Curated by Task 3.4 under Work Package 8 on Security in the GN5-1 project, the newsletter focusses on delivering cybersecurity news, announcements, and developments specific to the R&E community.

Why subscribe?

Are you interested in finding out which ransomware attacked academia, which library suffered a major outage due to a cyber attack, or you might be wondering if any universities were fined due to cyber issues this past month? You will find the answers to these questions – and more – in our monthly academic cyber newsletter.

Roderick Mooi, Senior Information Security Officer from GÉANT, emphasises the importance:

“Our objective is to curate and generate cyber threat intelligence exclusively tailored for academia, providing an accurate snapshot of the cybersecurity landscape and fostering a dedicated support network.”

Stay informed: Subscribe now!

All the cybersecurity news newsletter stories will be easily retrievable in a dedicated news archive on the GÉANT Security website.

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For further information about this initiative, please get in touch with Hank Nussbacher


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