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Unlocking the digital frontier: EXA Infrastructure’s mission for a connected world

Words: Andrew Haynes, SVP Product and Technology, EXA Infrastructure

In an era where data has become the pulse of progress, the urgent need for seamless, high-speed connectivity has transcended industries and reshaped the landscape of research, education, government, and finance. EXA Infrastructure stands at the forefront of this transformative wave, envisioning a future where connectivity empowers organisations across the spectrum. SVP Product and Technology, Andrew Haynes tells us more.

The exponential growth of data has led to a paradigm shift in how we approach and perceive our world. Gone are the days when only particle physics labs required lightning-fast 10G connections; today, data is the linchpin of progress in fields as diverse as economics, geography, climate science and beyond.

The next generation of economists rely on real-time transaction data to analyse where and how the economy is growing, while geography departments leverage mapping tools and real-time telemetry data to decipher everything from commuting patterns to trade statistics. Simultaneously, the urgent need to address climate change is powering the reinvention of infrastructure, inundating civil engineering and climate science departments with exabytes of data.

The need for high-speed, reliable and secure connections to power research and growth is critical for sharing knowledge, which is where EXA comes in. GÉANT has been using EXA’s network since 2012 for its extensive terrestrial and subsea fibre network.

Connecting the dots

From revolutionising academia to enhancing governance, to empowering financial innovation and catalysing scientific breakthroughs, EXA’s vision is to become the leading pan-European and trans-Atlantic data centre to data centre connectivity provider. Growth is at the absolute core of our ambitions and plans. Our network growth plans take a strategic and long-term view about how traffic patterns will evolve as we look to service more customers and to ensure EXA is the leading connectivity provider on the market.

In this interconnected era, data has become the air that researchers and educators breathe, and the quality of connectivity—its bandwidth, availability, and latency—will define an organisation’s position in the global rankings. It’s not merely a matter of staying competitive; it’s about attracting the brightest minds and nurturing an environment conducive to Nobel Prize-worthy discoveries. Over the years, EXA has been a chosen provider to GÉANT for its creative solutions from dark fibre, colocation, wavelength and optical spectrum requirements.

Crafting tailored solutions

However, the realities of budgets often lag behind the ambitious visions of tomorrow. Bridging this gap requires working alongside partners who can create tailored solutions that align with your unique needs and fiscal constraints. This is where EXA shines brightest—our mission is to empower data to empower us all.

At EXA, we are proud to be a dedicated fibre infrastructure provider with a focussed portfolio. We’re easy to do business with, ensuring our services are accessible and competitive solutions for all of our customers.

EXA: the gateway for connectivity

EXA understands that your research partners are spread across the globe. Our network reach, availability and reliability are second to none. The future of connectivity is now and EXA is the chosen partner to harness our cutting-edge technology, scalability, expert consultation, reliability, affordability, and unwavering commitment to security.

This wave is just beginning. EXA is constantly on the lookout to add new routes to add diversity and lower latency, to upgrade capabilities to 400G and beyond, and create new, novel and scalable paradigms of connectivity like spectrum services to create solutions for the most challenging needs.

EXA is not just a provider; we’re a partner dedicated to ensuring your organisation thrives in this new era of connectivity. Together, we can grow the future of connectivity and empower data to empower the globe. Let us be boring, so you can be brilliant. When you think of catalysing innovation, fostering collaboration and shaping a brighter, more connected future for your organisation and the world at large – think EXA Infrastructure.

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