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MetrANOVA Network Measurement and Monitoring – Help Us Help You

MetrANOVA  is a new consortium that aims to create a measurement and analysis toolbox for research and education networks worldwide.

“To ensure we are designing and operating networks that best serve our shared purpose — accelerating scientific research — we need a greater understanding of the whole system,” said Edward Balas, MetrANOVA lead and head of ESnet’s Measurement & Analysis group. “MetrANOVA was formed to develop and disseminate common network measurement and analysis tools, tactics, and techniques. We hope these will help member organizations and the broader R&E community better understand the structure, use, and performance of this complex, multidomain global web by using interoperable software, appropriate data-sharing techniques, and composable design patterns. Working together will allow us to do so more sustainably — by reducing duplication of effort and allowing issues to be identified and resolved more quickly — and innovatively, by harnessing the creative brain power across our human networks.”

To help MetrANOVA  focus its efforts on the most important aspects of Network Monitoring  the project is inviting you to fill in the survey to help to better understand the state of Network Measurement and Monitoring within the Research and Education Networking community. This data will be used to help us determine consortium priorities over the next year and beyond.   It will be shared with the community at a later date in aggregate form.

To take part in this survey click here.

Find out more about MetrANOVA here.

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