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Claudio Allocchio to continue to lead GÉANT Community Committee

GÉANT is pleased to announce that Claudio Allocchio, Senior Manager and Advisor at the Italian NREN, GARR, was re-elected as Chair of the GÉANT Community Committee (GCC). Claudio was elected to continue his leadership of the GCC during the March 2024 GÉANT General Assembly (GA) meeting.

Claudio has held the position of Chair since March 2020.

Claudio commented: “Our Community is the most precious asset we have in GÉANT, and it provides invaluable contribution to all what we do daily in our R&E world. We are now engaged in a significant re-thinking to keep it as usual at the top, extend even further its capabilities and incorporate new ideas and trends. So I am really happy to have the opportunity to lead this update to conclusion, while we also help new generations to enter into our complex, but invaluable world.”


Gilles Massen, Chair of the GÉANT Board of Directors said: “Claudio has an extensive experience of working with and for the community, so I’m glad that he is able to finalise the update of the GÉANT Community Programme, and ready it for a new generation of community leaders. 

About Claudio Allocchio
Claudio Allocchio studied astrophysics and particle physics, in addition to music (piano). In 1985, he started his computer networking activities at CERN. Among the founders of the GARR NREN, he managed the COSINE mail gateway services (early 90s) and the Italian Naming Authority (“.it” regulator). Since 1991, he has been a member of the ART (application and real time) area directorate at IETF. He is the GARR Senior Manager, Advisor and Director for advanced applications and security areas. Claudio is coordinating the development of LoLa (the low latency videoconferencing system for performing arts education). In 2019 he was awarded the Medal of Honour from the Vietsch Foundation, and in 2021 and 2023 the eCulture award by Anilla Cultural/RedCLARA. Since 2023 he has been a member of the GÉANT Board of Directors.

In November 2024 there will be the next election for a new Chair.

About the GÉANT Community Committee
The GCC has oversight of the GÉANT Community Programme and operates under the auspices of the General Assembly via an agreed terms of reference.

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