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CARNet – Supporting the Croatian e-Schools Pilot Project

GÉANT member organisation CARNet, is working to support the e-Schools pilot in Croatia.

To help pupils get the best out of the education system it must not only produce functional workers, but also teach children how to think, how to develop critical thinking and how to be creative. These two requirements cover the entire curriculum and so the e-Schools project was paired with another ground-breaking initiative for complete curricula reform to ensure that the potential of ICT in education is put to full use.

The key objective of the €40million pilot is to empower the primary and secondary education system with the goal of enabling students to become active participants of the labour market, pursue further education and engage in life-long learning. The anticipated benefits are:

  • Digitally competent pupils, possessing a higher motivation for learning;
  • Teachers who can share in the progress made in their line of work through constant work on one’s own professional development and e-education;
  • Efficient and transparent management of the schools, optimised business processes, easily accessible and manageable planning of human resources and, last but not least;
  • Fast and simple ways of communication and information exchange between schools, parents, agencies, school founders, ministry and other major stakeholders.

CARNet is supporting this pilot which will deliver each participating school access to Internet access, LANs and wireless LANs. Each school will be equipped with at least one ICT classroom, consisting of tablets and presentation equipment.

STEM teachers will be provided with a hybrid computer each, while non-STEM teachers will be provided with one tablet for every teacher. Adequate ICT equipment will be provided to non-teaching staff also in order to enable use of e-services developed within the project. E-content will be developed for STEM subjects, while teachers will be provided with constant education and support. The schools and staff will also have full technical support for the equipment and network services.

This project greatly extends the support CARNet already provides to the school system in Croatia which includes Internet access, web hosting and eduroam access.  This Pilot project is worth €40 000 000  (Project A €30 million, financed through European Regional Development Fund and Project B €10 million, financed through European Social Fund).

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