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The MURE project brought together more than 50 videoconference rooms

The Museography in Network project, MURE by its Spanish name, is led by the Cultural Ring of Uruguay, a project attached to the RAU2 network, Uruguay’s NREN. The session, supported by RENATA, RedCUDI, REUNA and RedCLARA, had 50 rooms connected in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Spain and Uruguay, which officiated as host country.

The Museography in Network project aims to generate an exhibition circuit on the internet, narratives about patrimonial objects, dialogues and real-time interactions with these objects, together through the infrastructures of the national research and education networks.

Mamo Lorenzo Izquierdo, the spiritual leader and guide of the wisdom of the arahuaca amerindian culture, participated in representation of Colombia, through the videoconference service of RENATA (photo).


Submitted by Camilo Jaimes Ocaziónez

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