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9th CEF Networks Workshop in Prague

On the 11th and 12th of September, 2017, 39 representatives from research networking institutions from five continents met to discuss their experiences in designing and operating Customer Empowered Fibre (CEF) Networks and to formulate major guidelines for further research and experimental development in networking. The host of the meeting was the CESNET association.

The main topics of the workshop were;

  • Multi-vendor/disaggregated lighting of CEF networks, interoperability and vendor-independent description of transmission systems
  • Support of new applications and disciplines requiring photonic or dark fibre connectivity (cryptography, metrology, seismology, space, observation, sensor networks, etc.)
  • End to end services for high precision and high performance applications, real-time applications of wide-area all-optical networks
  • Photonic (all-optical) services, dark fibre channels, alien waves, fibre sharing, optimal or dynamic usage of transmission spectrum and virtual fibre networks
  • SDN Approach for Systematic Service Design Methods including Lower Layers of the Networking Stack
  • Dark fibre or channel testbeds used for experiments and additional production traffic
  • Deployments and testing of high-speed transmission systems, power consumption of transmission systems(greening)
  • Update of dark fibre footprint used for Research and Education
  • Community (campuses, regional, national or continental) and experimental facilities (testbeds)
  • Development of dark fibre footprint used for Research and Education
  • Community (REC) in Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe
  • Improvement of long term REC economy

The presentations and recommendations are available on workshop webpage.

Submitted by Klara Thomasova

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