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RedCLARA and RENATA: vision and challenges for academic cooperation in Latin America

RedCLARA’s CEO, Luis Eliécer Cadenas, visited Colombia and shared with the country’s academic community his vision of RedCLARA’s efforts as a network of national research and education networks in Latin America, to enhance interaction with research communities, support efforts to increase the institutional coverage of national infrastructure and service networks, promote regional projects among national networks and strengthen open access to resources for the region’s scientific community, all of the above on a technological infrastructure “of avant-garde, stable and reliable”.

According to Luz Miriam Díaz, CEO of RENATA, “to advance in the face of the challenges of the National System of Competitiveness, Science, Technology and Innovation, RENATA has one of the most solid advanced network infrastructures in the world and enjoys the best strategic allies”.

“We are much more than connectivity! RENATA is the only network in Colombia that allows the connection to the more than 16,900 academic and scientific institutions in the world connected to the global network. This is RENATA’s real opportunity for its institutions”, she said.

Submitted by Camilo Jaimes Ocaziónez

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