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Young talents are our future. Are you ready to be inspired?

GÉANT Learning & Development (GLAD) team is delighted to announce two exciting initiatives: Lightning Talk Challenge and Poster Pursuit. The Lightning Talk Challenge is a learning experience around presentation skills to prepare young professionals to get their ideas on stage at TNC during the Lightning Talk Programme; Poster Pursuit aims to encourage the development of visual presentation skills for poster presentation sessions at TNC.

This is a great opportunity for NRENs:

  • To present their young professionals to an international audience of innovation enablers.
  • To gain valuable visibility amongst their member audience as well as within the global research and education networking community.

Therefore, all NRENs are invited to nominate passionate, enthusiastic and talented IT students to take part and present their ideas at TNC18 that will take place in Trondheim, Norway in June 2018. Up to three participants for each initiative can be nominated by each NREN. To secure nominations, NRENs are asked to register their participants at Lightning Talk Challenge EventR and Poster Pursuit EventR.

Registered participants will need to follow the regular TNC18 admission procedure. To increase the chance of gaining admission, GLAD will support all registered participants with free training webinars.

We invite all NRENs to take part in this exciting programme and nominate young talents for these initiatives. Relevant promotional materials can be found on the following wiki pages: Lightning Talk Challenge and Poster Pursuit.

For any questions about GÉANT Future Talent Programme, get in touch with Nadia Sluer and Irina Mikhailava at

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