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eduTEAMS releases updates to the Discovery Service and Membership Management Service

eduTEAMS is a suite of services that aid collaborative and/or virtual organisations in operating a federated Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure.

The 1.1 release, available from Nov 1, 2017, contains the following features and changes:

eduTEAMS Discovery Service (DS)

eduTEAMS DS can be used by services in eduGAIN to handle discovery (WAYF) of home institution identity providers in eduGAIN. The service features both a hosted (non-javascript) as well as an embedded version and allows services to filter the identity providers available to users specifically for their service in an easy and straightforward way.

eduTEAMS Membership Management Service (MMS)

Major update of MMS user interface

  • Introduction of myprofile page, which features a comprehensive overview of an end user’s personal data registered in MMS and the services that may consume it.
    See for details.
  • The privacy policy for eduTEAMS MMS was updated to reflect the introduction of the myprofile page.
  • eduTEAMS MMS is now fully compliant with the eduGAIN data protection Code of Conduct.
  • Resolves a number of bugs and issues of the 1.0 release.

eduTEAMS MMS is currently available for pilots with institutions and collaborations of NRENs participating in the GÉANT project. To request a pilot with eduTEAMS MMS, please contact us at


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