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AfricaConnect2 and EUMEDCONNECT3 take to the stage at HQ of League of Arab States

The headquarters of the League of Arab States in Cairo – a palatial setting usually reserved for heads of state – opened its doors at the beginning of December to host the 7th edition of ASREN’s flagship event e-AGE 2017.

Attendees from 21 countries heard first-hand accounts about research and education networking developments in the region, the role of AfricaConnect2 and EUMEDCONNECT3 in positively changing the R&E landscape in the Middle East and Africa, as well as perspectives from a wide user community spectrum. The verdict at the end of the conference was unanimous: international collaboration is a must, international connectivity is key!

ASREN, GÉANT and their partners brought people together, new partnerships were forged and new connections were discussed. And, most importantly, the word about R&E networking was spread (and heard) across the Arab world!

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