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Michael Foley: championing NREN development across the world

For all of his career Michael Foley has been an enthusiastic explorer of how ICT can increase education’s effectiveness and accessibility. As Lead Distance Learning Specialist with the World Bank in Washington DC, Michael became a champion of research and education (R&E) connectivity, raising awareness about the transformational effect of NRENs as enablers of learning and knowledge exchange in the developing world.

“A passion for photography led me into audiovisual media, to educational technology, to global knowledge sharing, to connectivity, R&E networking, and back.”

His recent retirement has not abated this interest and, combining Irish wit with a remarkable ability to bring complex matters unequivocally to the point, he continues to argue the case for NRENs with passion. We interviewed Michael for the CONNECT magazine to find out more about what fuels this passion and his views on the NREN world.

Read the full CONNECT interview.

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