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Turning scientific data into captivating images

Veteran visualisation expert Jyrki Hokkanen takes on any challenge thrown at him by scientists in need of imagery. Finnish researchers from all areas come to him, whether it is physics, climate science, biochemistry, or geology. They all need visualisations to illustrate and communicate their findings, and Jyrki Hokkanen’s images are used for scientific papers, websites and posters, or for teaching or promotion. (Image above: Gold-atom clusters colliding with the surface of a gold substrate and forming craters. Simulation by J.Samela, K.Nordlund University of Helsinki).

He works for the Scientific Visualisation Service of the Finnish R&E network CSC/Funet, a service provided free of charge for all academic users of the network. The data Jyrki Hokkanen visualises is usually produced on the CSC supercomputers, and may consist of millions of files in thousands of folders. In such cases he copies the data internally from the customer’s disk to his own. If the data consists of just a few files, it can be securely sent from any Finnish university via the Finnish R&E network Funet, using the Funet File Sender service, created and operated by CSC.

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